Executive Financial Staffing

Interim Staffing

Many of our clients have a clear understanding of the challenges that they face, but lack the executive resources to execute their efforts. The FECG can supply the “right” resource (e.g. CFO, Controller, Treasurer, Internal Auditor, V.P. Tax, etc.).


For a more permanent solution it is often more economical to hire the right resource full time. The FECG can act as a search firm to find the permanent solution for your long-term goals.

Advisory Services

Solution Providers

Companies facing new global challenges are often unsure of the correct solution. The FECG operates on a project basis to define the issues, identify alternatives then offer advice in all areas of Finance and Accounting, including Treasury, Tax, Internal Audit and financial controls.

Executing the Solution

Companies may find that their existing resources are sufficient to execute the recommended plan. If not, they can use our project based staffing to effectively and efficiently execute the solution.