About Us

Our focus is on short-term assignments with high benefit to cost ratios. When deadlines have to be met, or when your firm at the moment lacks the financial and/or operational expertise to get the job done, who better to call than your friends at The FECG?

Our Mission

The mission of The FECG is to provide our clients with a unique array of financial talent to solve their immediate and most pressing issues while avoiding the issue of permanent changes in a company's cost structure. On each assignment, the essence of our problem-solving abilities and talent pool is reflected by our "all senior professionals, all the time" approach.

Our Consultants

Each of The FECG's managing directors has over 20 years of experience in the financial issues that confront an organization. They are practitioners who have often faced the issues your company is facing today.

In addition, The FECG is supplemented and supported by a very large and talented network of senior executives, all of whom have typically held financial positions such as Vice President of Finance, Chief Financial Officer, Controller and Treasurer or operating positions such as President, General Manager, Division Head, and Vice President of Operations. They have solved problems at companies ranging from Fortune 500 size organizations to those that are the envy of larger companies because of their superior services and growth potential.

Working directly with the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Vice President of Finance, Treasurer, Controller or another senior level financial executive, we can leverage your abilities in situations where current corporate staff or skill levels are insufficient to take on additional "special projects" AND the crisis du jour. On each assignment we bring:

  • A "hands-on" orientation - each consultant has had operating responsibilities and may have faced and resolved a similar situation.
  • A complete solution - our network gives us access to a huge pool of talent that can solve your immediate financial issues and provide the power to integrate the new solution into existing policies and procedures.
  • A cost-effective solution - we operate without the large overhead associated with the Big 5 who are required to charge higher rates for less experienced "juniors".

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