Managing Partners

Matthew R. Bud

Matt has been a Managing Partner of The Financial Executives Consulting Group (The FECG) since its founding in January, 1999. Since 1996 he has also served as Chairman of The Financial Executives Networking Group (The FENG), an organization founded in 1991 and dedicated to providing senior level financial executives with a forum to share job opportunities and experiences.

Among the first to recognize the power of the Internet as a communication tool, Matt has grown The FENG from a Westport, Connecticut based organization of 64 members in December of 1996 to 40,000+ members spread across the entire United States today. The FENG also boasts a significant number of International members, all connected on a daily basis through outbound e-mail. Over 1,000 pages of senior level job leads and career advice are being published by this organization each month.

Featured in the January 21, 2003 edition of The Wall Street Journal, The FENG is now a nationally recognized organization for financial professionals. Through Matt's efforts, members of this "circle of friends" are now so well respected in the retained search community that all of the major firms contact him directly when they have appropriate searches. Membership is currently growing at a monthly rate of 5%.

For 9 years Matt was Chief Financial Officer of Levine, Huntley, Schmidt & Beaver, at one time the 29th largest U.S. based Advertising Agency. In his first two years he transformed a firm that had been breaking even for most of its existence into an organization capable of returning a consistent 20%+ pretax profit. At the same time he created a first class back office operation to service a firm that was growing 25%+ annually.

In addition, Matt has 15 years of experience in Publishing and Broadcasting, 6 years with The Thomson Corporation and 9 years with CBS, Inc., and 2 years of retailing experience with B. Altman & Company.

Matt has an MBA in Finance from New York University and a B.S. in Finance from Indiana University.

His areas of expertise are business development and strategic planning. He prides himself on being able to make financial and accounting issues understandable to all levels of management.

As a consultant since 1991, he has written business plans and conducted strategic planning sessions for organizations in not only advertising and publishing, but also for firms in intermodal freight, software and electronics.

As a Managing Partner of The FECG, he is the driving force in the growth and development of yet another remarkable organization.


Bruce C. Lynn, CTP – Treasury & Financial Systems

Bruce has acquired over 20 years of corporate and banking experience in all aspects of treasury and financial management by successfully tackling major assignments in such areas as treasury operations, cash management, strategic planning, credit, systems enhancements as well as operating and capital budgets.

He has an Industrial Engineering degree from Lehigh University, a MBA in Finance from the Stern School of Business and is a Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) by the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP).

Bruce has been a contributor to the AFP Exchange and has made numerous presentation's to the AFP's regional associations as well as presentations to the National Association of Corporate Treasurers (NACT)

Prior to starting the Financial Executives Consulting Group, he was a managing director of Greenwich Treasury Advisors, a treasury and risk management consulting firm. Also, he was a Vice President of Bankers Trust and Director of Cash Management for Ogden Corporation. During his many assignments he has worked in countries throughout Asia, Africa and Europe and with all levels of management up to and including the CEO level.

His many consulting assignments have improved the treasury operations or cash management capabilities for some of the largest Fortune 500 companies. Some of his most recent assignments:

  • Examined the cash flow timeline of a $20Bn major telephone company to improve customer service, speed the collection of outstanding receivables and increase cash availability at the client's bank.
  • Evaluated the treasury operations of a $12Bn manufacturing company to reduce bank service costs and recommend internal operating efficiencies.
  • Conducted cash management benchmarking studies for Fortune 150 companies, allowing these companies to evaluate their current treasury procedures and policies.
  • Helped select treasury workstations for several multi-billion dollar manufacturers to assist them upgrade their domestic treasury capabilities, improve cash flow and forge links to their international operations.
  • Evaluated the cash management services of the top 5 banks to prepare / compare RFPs for a Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company that wished to change concentration banks.
  • Assisted a $3Bn Texas mortgage processor reduce its banking service costs by $250,000 by recommending the use of electronic payment methods to replace its manual processes.
  • Designed treasury policies and procedures for a $3Bn manufacturer that was spun-off from its parent and wished to initiate a completely new global treasury organization
  • Advised a major Japanese computer hardware manufacturer on the types of risk management technology available in the US for use by financial institutions in Japan.

Before joining GTA, he was the Director of Working Capital at Ogden Corporation, a $2 billion dollar business service corporation with 40,000 employees. Charged with managing the working capital of this corporation, his assignments included:

Cash Management

  • Established cash management systems to control bank balances from 300 depository bank accounts. Results improved cash flow, reduced bank balances by $4MM.
  • Changed operating banks to reduce the cost of bank services by $250M / year while increasing the quality of services received.

Credit / Collection

  • Revived a moribund Credit/Collection department by installing an improved A/R system that linked to the general ledger to control DSO and increase interest income by $200M.
  • Established first workable credit policy that encouraged profit centers to track credit risk and identify customers with attractive risk / return profiles.
  • Established financial reporting system to track $250MM portfolio of receivables. Directed negotiations with customers to work off delinquent receivables and avoid credit losses. Results recovered over $10 million in past due receivables.

Prior to his corporate experience, he was a Vice President for Bankers Trust where he reported to many different levels of senior management including the Office of the Chairman. Over his 11 year career at Bankers Trust his assignments included consulting with corporate customers as a cash management relationship officer, acting as controller for a $2 billion dollar lending area and supporting the Office of the Chairman as a strategic planner. Project assignments included:

Cash Management Consulting

  • Performed lockbox consulting studies for major bank customers to include cost of in-house versus bank service.
  • Consulted with customers to determine their treasury operations needs then helped customers choose the proper mix of deposit, disbursement and funds transfer services to meet those needs.

Strategic Planning

  • Created cash flow models to analyze acquisition of major investments in computers and developed ranking system to focus on financial attractiveness of multi-million dollar computer projects.
  • Performed competitive analysis of corporation to construct an operating cost profile and relate level of cost to various profitability measures.

Financial Planning & Budgets

  • Acted as CFO for a $2 billion dollar lending area with foreign and domestic offices to develop an annual planning process and establish financial profitability systems.