Success Stories

FECG was asked by the company’s internal auditor to review their treasury operations for efficiency and control.

As a result, FECG was able to assure the company that their assets were being adequately safeguarded while suggesting several instances where the company could reduce expense.

FECG was asked to identify state of the art software which could minimize a financial institution’s credit and market risk.

As a result FECG’s was able to assist the client acquire software which made it more competitive.

FECG was asked by the client to set up a series of new procedures to reduce bank costs and improve liquidity.

As a result FECG was able to assist the company choose a new bank and put in place procedures to minimize net interest expense under its new borrowing relationship.

FECG was asked by the company’s treasurer to assist it acquire then implement a treasury workstation to allow the company to prepare a cash position, track debt and track the company’s banking relationships.

FECG completed the RFP, negotiated the contract and implemented all needed features on time and on budget.

As a result the client was able to enhance their use of cash and reduce operational costs associated with un-invested cash and back office control of transactions.