Since our founding, we have assisted over 150 companies [view a partial client list] overcome a variety of financial challenges by offering our services on either an interim or project basis whichever is most effective for our clients.

  • Interim basis – Many companies find themselves overwhelmed by the day to day effort to stay current. We provide the “muscle” to make it happen within budget no matter how long it takes.
  • Project basis – In an effort to remain competitive some companies find themselves tackling issues that tax their current level of financial expertise. We provide the “brains” to assist a company in facing these rarely encountered challenges without any need to disrupt the current organization.

While we look at each assignment as a new challenge, we have found that many problems can be resolved by building on the 20+ years of expertise possessed by each of our consultants, many of whom have solved similar issues. Based on our previous assignments and our consultant’s expertise we have organized ourselves to respond to the following types of issues:

Financial Planning and Reporting

  • Design Financial Planning and Reporting Processes
    We can create management and regulatory reports, control periodic accounting processes, track financial performance goals, build strategic business plans, or seek out a partner or joint venture assistance.
  • Internal Audit
    We can set up program reviews of your key operating or financial processes and performance indicators to design new processes to reduce risk.

Operating Management

  • Manage Working Capital
    We can design financial policies and procedures to improve operating cash flow, avoid excessive credit risks and improve the overall cost-effectiveness of billing, accounts receivable and purchasing.
  • Improve Treasury Management
    We can redesign or integrate banking networks and relationships, build treasury operations that support business requirements, assist in the acquisition of treasury technology, reduce transaction costs, and design an integrated cash position to reduce borrowing costs.

Financial / Risk Management

  • Resolve Capital Market Issues
    We can initiate or improve commercial paper programs, assist in bank credit negotiations, restructure debt/equity positions, and assist in access to new sources of liquidity.
  • Optimize Foreign Exchange/Interest Rate Risks
    We can determine your exposure to currency or interest rates, and design hedging programs through the proper use of derivatives and statistical techniques such as value at risk (VaR).
  • Review Proposed Acquisitions or Divestitures
    We can perform due diligence as well as full business reviews and analysis, to prepare a business or division for sale, or to acquire a new one without paying an excessive premium.
  • Assess Business Values
    We can assist you in determining the market value of a division and/or turn around a division whose operations may be experiencing sub-par performance.
  • Upgrade Financial Systems
    We can work with your Information Technology function to select, acquire and implement state-of-the-art systems that can integrate your financial and business processes, allowing management to track key performance indicators.